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HB 193 by Rep. Mary Ann Dunwell (D-Helena) would require large sources of greenhouse gases (i.e., coal-fired power plants and refineries) to pay $10 per ton of greenhouse gases that they emit into the atmosphere. It also would require the state to develop and implement a modest plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions below 2005 levels by 25% by 2035 and 50% by 2050. This bill would force large industrial polluters to incorporate climate risks caused by greenhouse gases into the cost of doing business. A carbon price helps level the playing field by making sure all fuel prices reflect a small portion of impacts. The revenue generated by HB 193 would go toward coal community transition, remediation of contaminated sites, economic development, infrastructure and the state general fund.

The Montana Climate Assessment and the National Climate Assessment have recently issued alarming reports about the very real danger climate change poses to health, agriculture, infrastructure, oceans, recreation, water and the economy. Devastating droughts, super hurricanes, unprecedented infernos, and more disasters are being linked directly to climate change. Burning fossil fuels puts harmful levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Save the trout; support HB 193.

To learn more about the economic impacts of climate change in Montana you can find the report on the impacts to Montana agriculture here and Montana’s recreation economy here.


Heard in the House Taxation Committee on January 31st. Tabled in committee. Likely dead.

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