UPDATE (4-10-17): SB 32 passed the legislature. Governor Bullock vetoed the bill.

SB 32 would prevent jobs and new clean energy in Montana by repealing the Community Renewable Energy Projects (CREPs) provision of the Renewable Energy Standard. These projects are 25 megawatts or less in size and have majority local ownership. MDU met its requirement years ago, but NorthWestern Energy is only partially compliant. Passage of this bill would mean losing jobs, tax revenue and clean energy that these projects would otherwise create.

CREPs specifically promotes renewable energy projects – such as wind, solar, and small hydro – with local ownership.

  • These projects create jobs and tax revenue while putting clean energy onto the grid.
  • Montana-Dakota Utilities has met its requirement – only NorthWestern has not.
  • NorthWestern has purchased only 25 Megawatts of the required 65 Megawatts.
  • If CREPs is defended Montana will get 40 more Megawatts of clean energy and the jobs and investments they bring. If it is repealed Montana will get none.