HB 363 - Onerous Permitting Process for Clean Energy

Rep. Dennis Lenz, (R-Billings), HD 53

Representative Dennis LenzUpdate: MEIC worked to kill this bill. It was tabled in committee on February 17th.

This bill would direct the Montana Department of Environmental Quality to establish an onerous renewable energy permitting, decommissioning and remediation program. This bill makes an uneven playing field for renewable energy sources because: 1. No other large energy generation sources, such as coal and oil and gas generation plants, are subject to an independent permitting program; 2. No other large energy generation sources have decommissioning and bonding requirements; and 3. This bill would require the Montana  Department of Environmental Quality to review energy information that is normally within the purview of the Montana Public Service Commission.

MEIC's Position: Oppose | Current bill status: Bill Tabled in House Energy, Technology, & Federal Relations on February 17th. (Dead) | Official legislative site

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