HB 205 - Annual Fees for Electric Vehicles

Rep. Alan Redfield, (R-Livingston), HD 59

This bill, as amended, would impose a $95 annual fee on electric vehicles and increase the fee $3 for every cent increase in the gas tax. It would also impose a fee on other alternative fuels like propane and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG).

There are only about 400 electric vehicles in Montana, putting them squarely in the early adopter phase for a new technology. These vehicles benefit Montana by reducing air pollutants that harm human health and create smog in our valleys. They also help move the nation away from reliance on foreign oil and the international conflicts we have fought to secure oil supplies.

No calculation was made for these benefits and penalties and dis-incentives for this new technology does not make sense at this time.

MEIC's Position: Oppose | Current bill status: Passed Senate and House. Vetoed by the Governor. | Official legislative site

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