As a Westerner, who grew up in Montana, I’ve been fortunate to explore many of the wild lands of Montana and the West. My interest in wild lands and our shared environment eventually grew into a passion for protecting them, which is exactly why I joined the MEIC Board of Directors. As the most effective and dynamic environmental organization in Montana, I look forward to putting my skills to work to help MEIC protect and strengthen our constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment.

When I’m not spending time outside enjoying the lands we love, I’m hard at work protecting them. During undergrad, I cofounded the Montana-based Blue Skies Campaign and Coal Export Action to help build opposition against coal exports, which is where I first met the great folks at MEIC. After receiving my degree in Geography with a double major in Environmental Studies in 2012 from the University of Montana, I ventured to D.C. to work at the Environmental Investigation Agency as a Climate Policy Analyst. After four years in D.C., I came home to pursue my law degree at the University of Montana School of Law, and I’ve since gained valuable litigation experience as a summer law clerk for the Montana offices of WildEarth Guardians and Earthjustice. I currently serve as the 2018-19 Publications Editor of the Public Land & Resources Law Review and participate at the National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition for the Montana team.

I’m excited to be a Board Member of MEIC, and together, we’ll keep fighting the good fight!


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