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No to Strip Mining at Otter Creek Montana

No to Strip Mining at Otter Creek Montana

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End date: Mar 07, 2013

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329 signatures

THE CHOICE IS CLEAR. Generational farms and ranches, clean water, and abundant wildlife, OR poisoned water, strip-mined land, coal train traffic, and climate change. Please take action TODAY by contacting the Montana Department of Environmental Quality by using the contact form to the right.

In August 2012, Arch Coal applied to build the biggest coal mine in Montana’s history to feed Asian markets. The proposed Southeastern Montana mine contains a jaw-dropping 1.3 billion tons of coal. Even for a state with 25% of the nation’s coal, this is a massive proposal that will have severe consequences for neighboring property owners, water quality and quantity, air quality, and neighboring communities. These long lasting impacts will be significant but the most serious impact will come in terms of its contribution to climate change. When this coal is burned it will release 2.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide into an already overloaded atmosphere. The contribution to climate change and the resultant impacts cannot be overstated. Please join us and say no to strip mining at Otter Creek Montana.

Deadline for Comments: Extension to March 6th

Following approval for a lease to Arch Coal by the Montana Land Board, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) recently chose to approve the first round of permitting for 1.3 billion tons of coal in the Otter Creek drainage in Southeastern Montana, the largest proposal for a new coal mine in Montana. DEQ is now into the second round of permitting for Otter Creek, and will also conduct an analysis under the Montana Environmental Policy Act. The DEQ made this decision in spite of evidence that the proposed mine would have serious and detrimental impacts on our land and water. The DEQ also failed to fully consider the effects that leasing Otter Creek coal would have on climate change.

Otter Creek Montana

Otter Creek Montana. Photo by Kestrel Aerial Services, Inc.

Currently the State is asking the public to give it feedback on what issues it should study in the environmental review process. Please join us and say no to strip mining at Otter Creek Montana. Speak out against this disastrous proposal during this scoping process.