HR 002 - Eliminate BPA Tax on Montana Electricity

Rep. Daniel Zolnikov, (R-Billings), HD 45

Representative Daniel Zolnikov

Representative Daniel Zolnikov.

Currently, the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) charges Montana energy producers and consumers a federal tax for using a short section of BPA’s 15,000 mile transmission system. This 90-mile stretch of line, from Townsend to Garrison, is critical for sending electricity to West Coast markets. It is also used to transport energy within the state for NorthWestern Energy customers. The fee unfairly disadvantages Montana wind energy producers from selling electricity to out-of-state markets. It also increases energy costs for ratepayers in Montana.

HR 2 would be a statement by the Montana House of Representatives that BPA should eliminate this federal tax.

MEIC's Position: Support | Current bill status: Resolution Adopted, 73-27, on April 12th. No further vote required. | Official legislative site

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