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424 signatures

UPDATE: The Solar Jobs and Energy Freedom Act, HB 504, was heard in the House energy committee on Wednesday, February 22nd. The bill failed to pass when it received an 8 to 8 tied vote. Read more here.

Across Montana, people from all walks of life are saying solar is the Montana Way. Montanans are stepping forward and asking for solutions that will grow jobs, protect our rivers and lands, and create more energy options that reduce our reliance on giant corporate monopolies.

But the Legislature is stalling, refusing to remove antiquated regulations that limit Montana’s energy freedom and block job growth in clean energy. In spite of rising consumer demand and better technology, some legislators are throwing up more obstacles to solar jobs and energy freedom. Others are kicking the can down the road. The Legislature hasn’t even been able to pass the most basic of solar progress bills this session, because the state’s largest utility doesn’t want to compete with Montana homeowners and businesses producing their solar energy. Our legislators need to listen to the people they represent rather than NorthWestern Energy. Montanans are tired of the gridlock, the barriers, and the paralysis by analysis.

The Solar Jobs and Energy Freedom Act would have removed barriers to solar energy growth, including:

  • Raising the cap on a net metered system to 1 megawatt, giving homeowners, farmers and businesses the freedom to purchase a solar system that meets their needs;
  • Giving more Montanans access to affordable solar energy through community solar projects that allow those who rent or live in a home not suitable for a solar array to have the choice to invest in a local solar project and receive credits that reduce their energy bill;
  • Giving farmers and ranchers the freedom to choose a solar system that meets all their energy needs by allowing for net-metering credits to be applied across multiple meters;
  • Helping Montanans struggling to pay their utility bills by requiring NorthWestern Energy to apply left over net metering credits to low-income bill assistance.


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